Workshop: Economies of Time


with Paul Mattick (NYC), Eric-John Russel (London), Bart van der Stehn (Leiden), Jessica Sehrt, Martin Stiehl, Jeronimo Voss (Frankfurt am Main), a.m.o.

Date: Saturday, June 11, 4pm.
Location: Exhibition ‘Inverted Night Sky‘, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA), Rozenstraat 59, 1016 NN Amsterdam
Entrance: Participation is free, but registration is mandatory. Please write to

The Dutch council communists of the 1930s outlined “the social revolution is nothing more than the introduction of the labour-hour as the unit measure regulating and controlling the whole of economic life” (The Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution, GIK Holland). Today, a calculation of the distribution of goods based on labour time appears outdated, given the industrial conditions of enormously increased productivity. Yet, under present conditions of chronic overproduction, what we lack the most of is time. How does the “Economy of Time“ determine our present perspective on politics, or even the visual arts of time based media?

Workshop: Economies of Time

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