OK NO – Claire Fontaine at SYNNIKA


Claire Fontaine
June 16 – August 1, 2019
Opening June 15, 19:00 – 21:00
Workshop with Claire Fontaine on June 16, 17:00 – 20:00
at SYNNIKA, Niddastraße 57, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

The first intervention at the SYNNIKA space in Frankfurt am Main’s Central Station district is an installation by feminist collective artist Claire Fontaine entitled OK NO (2019). The exhibition presents a newly developed site specific work to be discussed in a workshop with Claire Fontaine on the day after the opening, June 16 (17:30 – 20:00) in the SYNNIKA space.

Claire Fontaine was founded in 2004 in Paris, currently living and working in Palermo. Her practice ranges from sculpture to installation, from painting to text and video. She describes herself as a “ready-made artist” problematizing the concept of authorship as well as traditional forms of artistic subjectivization. Claire Fontaine also experiments with collective protocols of production, hijacks and the distribution of intellectual and private property. She tackles the problems of ownership and identity as foundational aspects of contemporary life.

SYNNIKA is an experimental space for practice and theory in Frankfurt am Main’s Central Station district. We invite artists, activists, newcomers and residents to put into question their, and our, surrounding urban reality. SYNNIKA itself has evolved from the critical engagement with the drastic urban developments of recent years. We are located in the ground-floor of the NIKA.haus, a former office and store building at the intersection of Niddastrasse and Karlstraße. Through the initiative of its current residents the building was communalized via integration into the trans-regional Syndicate of Tenements. As isolating as the current urban realities might appear to its inhabitants, they are at the same time globally comparable. Thus we are interested in linking up with protagonists from different regional contexts. We host visual interventions, workshops, discussions, meetings and other formats relating to this environment. SYNNIKA was initiated by the Realism Working Group in collaboration with the NIKA.haus.


OK NO – Claire Fontaine at SYNNIKA

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